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Pomeranian Puppy Uglies

All Pomeranian pups are adorable!!!

They have a cute face, thick fluffy coat with a sweet, spunky and affectionate personality!

At about 4-8 months of age, you will suddenly notice that the coat (fur) is getting a bit stringy and wispy and that your pom puppy all of a sudden doesn't look like a pom anymore. Some vets - might - suspect that you have bought a low quality Pomeranian.

Shame on him, he should know better about the Pom uglies

Most Pomeranian puppies go through a very bad case of the puppy uglies. A few are more fortunate and breeze through [this is usually during the winter months] replacing their puppy coat with the adult one without you even noticing.

The following is what happens -

  • The baby fluff comes out and they tend to look very straggly or shaggy at that point, some go very short hair as to resemble a long hair chihuahua instead.

  • That is absolutely normal - do not worry, as it all comes back. Bigger and better in a good quality pom, so so in a lesser quality pom.

  • Generally - by the time your pup is 10-12 months old [it varies a bit with the season - coats thicken faster during the winter months] they will/should be in full coat.

If you don't get your female spayed,

U can expect to see this cycle again and again in females, especially after she has had a litter of puppies. Fixed or altered males and females have a somewhat "easier" time when it comes to the shedding of coat/s.


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