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Registered at and Member of the Kennel Union of Southern Africa


About Eberdene


Eberdene was registered with KUSA (Kennel Union of Southern Africa) in 2002. I specialise in Pomeranians only. See my "Lines" section for some of the noteworthy Poms in my breeding program/lines - this has assisted me in being able to constantly improving on quality.

My breeding program is mainly to produce show quality Poms for my own showing.  My aim is to improve the breed, looking for correct conformation, soundness of structure and to hold onto the wonderful personality that Pomeranians should have.

My aim is to have companion puppies that are typical of the breed. 

Please check the " Poms for Sale" section frequently if you are looking for that loving companion.


Below is the Human element that makes up Eberdene

Owen Eberhardt








Our  poms

First and foremost they are all a part of my family and there is nothing that would not be done for my wonderful, loving and giving - four footed family members.

I do nothave puppies available at all times - as if on a shelf... My aim is not to make money off the backs of my poms but rather to enjoy them while breeding for that, next show prospect. In this process there might be one or two puppies available.          

When it comes to food my Poms have cubes on offer all day, together with clean fresh water. They also get a bowl of chicken and rice each evening to warm their tummies together with the odd tidbits (maybe a few to many tidbits by the look of some of their

I have moved to a lovely smallholding where my poms get to enjoy their freedom in a safe and secure play area... Poms are very sociable and love to interact with their fellow poms and their human family. 

All my mommies whelp inhouse where I can keep an even closer eye on things. All my puppies are raised in the home environment which contibutes to them having a wonderful loving and outgoing nature - in most cases my babies end up as companions so I believe that it is never to early to start socializing ect.....



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