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Pomeranian Care Tips

Ensure that your home is made puppy safe before you bring him/her home:

  • Don't leave plants on the floor where the puppy can reach them as most house plants are poisonous.

  • Raise all loose cables off the ground as this could become dangerous chew toys.

  • Work your way through your home, room for room and identify possible hazards to the new puppy that needs to be addressed before he/she arrives.

When you bring your pom home:

  • Remember they are not suitable as playmates for small children (unsupervised that is).

  • If children play with the pup they should be sitting flat on the ground.

  • Don't get the puppy over excited, everyone will want to touch and hold the puppy. The puppy will already be stressed from leaving it's litter mates and this combined with the new environment could prove very daunting at first.

  • Holding, cuddling and playing is great but make sure the puppy also gets lots of rest as well.

During the first few weeks:

  • Work on making the puppy foot wise. Most puppies tend to run under your feet and this could prove dangerous to both you and the puppy. Patience and shuffling feet will send the message to the puppy to watch where it is going.


  • Most pom puppies are very fearless and if left unattended on furniture they would not think twice about running right off the edge. This is a receipe for disaster - DO NOT LEAVE ANY PUPPY ALONE ON FURNITURE.

  • Cooked bones is a no, no........especially chicken - the cooked bones tend to splinter and get stuck in the puppies throat.

  • Toys - great idea but choose them carefully. toys with parts that can be chewed off are not a good idea as these pieces can get stuck in their throats.

  • Chew toys - again choose wisely..... watchout for any chew toy were small pieces could be broken off and cause a choking hazard (remember that poms are very small and extra care should be taken in this area) - Poms generally love pig ears and hooves - just remember to disgard any small pieces.

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