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Pedigree of Eberdene Wild Card






Finch's Ace Up My Sleeve At Eberdene (USA IMP)

CH Cr Gold Strike

CH Rodi's Black Gold

CH Rodi's N Rain Bau's Bodyguard

CH Gayel's Candy Man

Rain Beau's Windy Angel

CH Rodi's Cheaux-case On Ice

CH Janesa's Showcase O Fanfare

Rodi's Valkyrie Of Cheaux

Shimmeree Northen Lights

CH Finch's N Lim's Bali Bagus

Reginapoms Patrick O'finch's

Finch's Dazzlin' Hotrodder

Kilpatrick's N Thunder's Jazmin

CH Kilpatrick's Midnight Thunder

Hallmark's Rockin' Savanna

CH Finch's All American Girl

CH Pufpride Sweet Dreams (aka Parker)

CH Ralston Pufpride Dreamer

CH Allayn's Rock'n Rebellion

Allayn's Lil Polly Flinders

CH Pufpride Mz Cloud Knigne

CH Pufpride Cloudbreaker

Pufpride Charm'n T-aira

Finch's Born To Be Wild

CH Chriscendo Call To Arms (aka Colt) (ROM)

CH Foxworth Frontier Spirit

CAN CH Chriscendo Call Girl

Finch's Walk Upon A Star

USA CH Finch's He Walks On Water (aka Travis)

Finch's Be A Sparkling Star

Silverglow Unique Ruby At Eberdene

Silverglow Daring Duncan Of Eberdene

CH Silverglow Adorable Alexis

CH Silverglow Cassius Carlo

CH Silverglow Ivan The Great Of Browdeen

CH Silverglow Elfann Gem

Silverglow Ursulas Flower

Silverglow Yuri Charm

Silverglow Jasmine Jewel

Silverglow Yvonnes Dream

CH & CH (ZIM) (USA & CAN) Sharian Rockin Robin Of Tinytot (IMP)

CH Fanfare Twinklin Red Robin

CH Cristyhill's Carmen O'sharian

Silverglow Ashby Galaxy Of Tinytot

Silverglow Yuri Charm

CH Silverglow Rose Petal

CH Xantah African Dawn Of Silverglow

CH & CH (USA) Golden Aires Moonstruck At Xantah (IMP)

CH (USA) Golden Aires Moonwalker

CH (USA) Millamor's Mark Tradition

De Arta's Dancing Marketta

CH (USA) Golden Aires Here I Am

CH (USA) Twin Pines Tico Tico

De Arta's Dancing Marketta

Xantah Pearls Gondolou Of Silverglow

Monilene Jay Jay Of Xantah

CH Derjen Jaison

CH Monilene Mindy

CH Reshines Pearly

CH Xantah Impi

CH Xantah Vera's Moonshine