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             Some Pomeranian Care Tips

When you bring your pom home you can expect an entertaining and loving companion, but you cannot expect to get a dog that is a playmate for small children.

When you get home, everyone will want to hold or touch the puppy. Donít over do it. Especially donít allow children in the home to handle it to much at first. Let them pet its head or touch it in the crate, reserving more activity for a few days later. The stress of leaving its litter mates and adjusting to a strange environment will strain this little baby. Cuddle and play with it but also give it plenty of rest.

During the first month, you will need to make it foot wise. A pom puppy running under your feet will not only endangers itself, but also can cause you to take a nasty fall. To avoid this problem, start teaching it to stay away from your feet. Scoot your feet for the first few weeks until your puppy is foot wise.

*Unsafe foods for your puppy include...Grapes, Raisins, and Onions have recently been linked to kidney disease in dogs. Chocolate, Pepperoni and Sausage. It is best to avoid all spicy and greasy snacks.

*Coloured Mulch and several plants are poisonous to any dog! Please supervise your pom when it is outdoors playing. An exercise pen will help keep your baby safe:

*Recliner chairs: Be sure the pup is not under the footrest when you put it down:

*Donít leave it unattended on furniturepoms have very little fear, they would not think twice about jumping down off high furniture.

*Puppies love to chew,please be sure all electrical cords are up out of puppyís reach.

* Do not give them cooked bones: especially cooked chicken or turkey bones. Pieces can splinter off and get stuck in the puppy's throat.

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