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             Pomeranian Grooming


  • The coat is made up of an undercoat and an outer coat.

  • The former is soft and fluffy; the latter is long, straight and harsh, and covers the whole of the body.

  • The coat is very abundant around the neck and the fore part of the shoulders and chest, forming a frill that extends over the shoulder.

  • The forequarters are well feathered to the hocks.


It needs regular attention to keep it clean and attractive.

  • Thorough brushing,

  • checking nails,

  • cleaning ears and teeth,

  • and trimming should be done once a week.

  • Males cast their coats once a year and females twice a year ( usually after a season ) ending up looking quite sorry for themselves.

Don't worry, it will grow back, sometimes better than ever.

Equipment needed:

  • Slicker/pin brush, medium - toothed metal comb, scissors, cotton buds.

Breed tip:


Brush against the lie of the coat to give the Pomeranian its round pompom appearance.

  • Brush the coat with the slicker / pin brush. Work from the top of the head, layering the hair as you go and making sure you reach skin level.

  • Next , work through the coat with the comb. If you encounter any tangles, try to tease them out gently using finger and thumb or a comb. If you need to use scissors, cut down the length of the knot - not across - to ensure minimal coat loss.

  • Blow - dry the hair. Work from the head, layering the hair as you go. Brush as you dry.

  • Check the dog's nails and clean its ears and teeth.

  • Trim the hair with thinning shears or scissors from the hocks in order to give a smooth finish.

  • Trim the hair under the feet where necessary, tidying around the feet to give them a catlike appearance, also cuts down on dirt trekked into the house.

The hair around the anus should also be trimmed for hygiene reasons.


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